Children Ministries

See Boards on each side of Lobby for Classroom Locations

Nursery-Room 101 - Creation

1 Year Olds- Baby Jesus

2 Year Olds- Moses-Jonah-Noah

3 Year olds- Adam-Elijah-Deborah

4&5 Year Olds-  Genesis 1-27, Creation-Jacob’s Blessing

Kindergarten-  Numbers 20-Judges 11, King of Edom-Jephthah’s Vows


1st Grade- Numbers 20-Judges 11, King of Edom-Jephthah’s Vows

2nd Grade- Acts 1-Acts 20, Jesus’ Ascension-Paul’s 3rd Missionary Journey

  3rd&4th Grade- Four Gospels, Life of Jesus

5t&6th Grade Girls- Parables, Sermon on the Mount, Giving, Fruits of the Spirit, Armor of God

5th&6th Grade Boys- Genesis 1-Early Church (Timeline)

JR & SR HighRoom  - Textual Studies